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China Xout Website is the top outdoor sport portals in China. We hope through spreading outdoorsy philosophy, more and more people will become interest in outdoor sports and participate in them. We always hold the opinion that “outdoor enthusiasts a...more>>

International cooperration

Cooperation goal We hope to cooperate with related government departments, outdoor organizations, outdoor clubs and outdoor enterprises. We can devise and organize special travelling items which focus on outdoor sports together as well as explore the val...more>>

2008 Paris-Beijing bicycle dream tour

2008 Paris-Beijing bicycle dream tour From March 2008 to August 2008, under the auspice of the French Ministry of sports, the French Olympic committee and AAECF set up a “2008 Paris-Beijing bicycle dream tour” activity. Xout Website was responsible for all domestic affairs in Chin...more>>

Outdoor In China

  • Biking in Qinghai Lake

    Biking in Qinghai Lake

    Qinghai Lake,also known as “Kukuzhuoer” in Mongolian, means “the cyan sea”, like a bright pearl as well as a piece of emerald. It beautifully located in the northeast plateau in Qinghai Province. Because Dalai and Panchen were born

  • Travel through tips for Qingling mountain

    Travel through tips for Qingling mountain

    Qingling Mountains distribute in the north highland, it has many peaks higher than 3000 meters, consist High Mountain, Middle Mountain terrain. Because most of it is Fault Mountains, so Qingling Mountain is largely steep. Its cliff is like a blade. The ma

  • Self-driving on the Sichuan-Tibet road

    Self-driving on the Sichuan-Tibet road

    Sichuan-Tibet road is largely consisted of the 318th National highway (from Chengdu to Lhasa). It is well known for its difficulty. Furthermore, it is famous for its total length, the large number of high mountains and great rivers crossing, the difficult

  • Travel notes of Jiuzhaigou

    Travel notes of Jiuzhaigou

    “Visiting Mountains in Zhangjiajie, appreciate water in Jiuzhaigou Valley.” As one the two great places of interest of Chinese travelling. The cloud and mist, the fresh water, the green hill, the forest… We can call it “beautiful

  • Travel through Gongga Snow Mountain

    Travel through Gongga Snow Mountain

    Gongga Snow Mountain means “the highest Snow Mountain” in Tibetan language. The main peak as high as 7556 meters, which is the top peak in Sichuan province. It is known as “the king of the Mt.Shushan”. The peaks stand in great numb

  • Hiking in Shangri-La

    Hiking in Shangri-La

    Shangri-La,the moon and the sun in our mind, it is the place that many people dreamed about it. If there is no James Hilton, I am afraid we will get to know this fairy land very late. I used to dream about the white Snow Mountain, pure and clean lake wate

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